Aim to learn the importance of being humble and to be open to God’s will

* To learn the importance of being humble and to be open to God’s will

* Story – “The Bridegroom” by Linna Rapkins
* Visual Aids
– Pictures of Early members
a) David S. C. Kim,
b) Young Oon Kim,
c) Col. Bo HI Pak,
d) Mrs. Won Pok Choi,
e) Mrs, Hong
– School photo of Hak Ja Han
– Map of Korea
– Father speaking to Hak Ja Han
* Children’s worksheet

Lesson Outline
1. Introduction
2. Story
3. Questions to Discuss
4. Activities – worksheet
5. Review the lesson aims
6. Prayer

1) Introduction
Two words we can think about today; humble and arrogant. What do they mean?
HUMBLE – having or showing a modest or low opinion of one’s importance.
A humble person will do what he can to serve others.
A humble person will search for wisdom.
A humble person will be grateful for all he receives.
A humble person will recognize that he knows little but can learn much more.
A humble person will not be aggressive to others.
A humble person will take care of his family and give them support in all that they do.
A humble person will love God and recognize that God will lead him to truth and knowledge.

ARROGANT – having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance
Arrogant means puffed up, conceited, and boasting.
A kid with pride says that he ran a race in his school and won. He also says that “He can do this and do that as well. He adds that his friends are so dumb that even a simple thing cannot …bla…bla…”
That kid wants to say that he is the best, the cleverest, the most appreciated, most…. , most… most… on and on without end.

2) Story
 The Bridegroom – This story is the first of four stories in Unit 9 “Holy Weddings.” They take place between 1960 and 1967. A summary – Father needed to be blessed in marriage, but he didn’t know who to. He asked the members if anyone had received messages from God. Mrs. Hong had received many messages that her daughter, Hak Ja Han, would be his bride. Members were shocked. She was only18. He was 40. But Father chose her and on March 1st 1960 they were engaged.

Main points of the story
1.Some of the early members went to the United States to start the church there.
a) Dr. Young Oon Kim – In January 1959, Father sent Young Oon Kim, professor from  Ewha University, as the first missionary. In later years she wrote many books, including
the DP in English. and taught at the Unification Theological Seminary 

b) Mr. David S.C. Kim – Later in 1959 David S.C. Kim was the second missionary. He became the President of the Seminary

c) Col. Bo Hi Pak also went to the USA as a missionary and later became Father’s main English translator. 
2. Father knew that he had to find a bride. In January 1959 he received revelation that he must be engaged by March 1, 1960, but he didn’t know who that would be. He asked members if they had received a revelation. No one had. He believed that Heavenly Father would show him, but he would not choose one himself.

3. Mrs. Hong, the cook, had received many revelations about her daughter Hak Ja Han. On February 1st she told Father about them. In one dream, a bird came down from heaven and another bird flew up from the earth. They flew together and became one. The eyes of the bird from heaven looked just like Father’s and the bird from earth had a face that looked like her daughter.

4. As soon as Father knew about this, he wrote a note to Hak Ja Han: “You shall hereby prepare for a heavenly engagement and forthcoming wedding.”
5. Father spoke with Hak Ja Han and discovered she born in the same province as Father and had the same birthday, January 6th.
6. Father sent her to live with Mrs. Won Pok Choi (Dean of Students from Ehwa University) She was to be her tutor and prepare her to be the wife of the Messiah. 
7. On the day of the engagement Hak Ja Han said to the members, “I promise you that all my life I will do my very best. I pledge to do whatever I am asked. But, I need your help. Without your
support, I cannot fulfill this mission.
8. Though she was only 17 years old, it was clear that God had prepared her to take on this mission.
She was humble and willing to do whatever God wanted her to do.

3) Questions to Discuss
* In what way was Hak Ja Han humble?
– She immediately accepted her mission without question
– She calmly answered questions.
– She accepted to live with and be tutored by Mrs. Won Pok Choi
– She sang a song when asked to
– She draw a picture when asked to
– She promised to do whatever she was asked
– She said she needed the help of all the members to fulfill her mission.
Hak Ja Han’s humble attitude showed that she was open to do God’s will, even though the mission would be the hardest thing in the world to do. It showed that she really trusted God and had been guided all her life. 

* How did some of the members feel when they found out that Mother was to be married to Father?

– They were shocked.
– Impossible!
– They thought she was too young, The difference in their ages was too big – 18 to 40
– She was inexperienced. She had never witnessed.
– Her mother had only been in the church for four years
– How can we bow down to her? How can SHE lead US?”

Some of the women had hoped they might be chosen. Some were jealous.

* Discuss the importance of being humble and open to God’s will. Every day we need to ask God for guidance What do you think I should do in this situation Heavenly Father? What do you feel is the right thing to do. What is your viewpoint? If we always think our viewpoint is right God cannot guide us. We must be willing to open our hearts and minds to God’s point of view. 
* Being humble and open to God’s will starts in the family. We must listen to parents and willingly follow their directions. Try to understand their viewpoint. Trust them even if we don’t understand.


4) Activities
* Colour the picture
* Answer the questions


5) Review the lesson aims
* To learn the importance of being humble and to be open to God’s will


6) End with a prayer

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