Aim to understand the meaning of the True Parents’ marriage

* To understand the meaning of the True Parents’ marriage
* To learn how to make and use holy salt

* Story – “Marriage of the Lamb” by Linna Rapkins
* Visual Aids
– Pictures of the Blessing
– Mr. Eu
– Mrs. Won Pok Choi,
* Bible passage – Revelation 19
* Children’s worksheet
* Holy Salt, salt to multiply,

Lesson Outline
1. Introduction
2. Story
3. Questions to Discuss
4. Activities – worksheet, make holy salt
5. Review the lesson aims
6. Prayer


1) Introduction
The title of the story, The Marriage of the Lamb, is mentioned in the last book of the Bible – The Book of Revelation. This was written by John, the apostle and writer of the 4th Gospel of Jesus’ life, on the Greek Island of Patmos. He had visions of the end of the world, when Satan’s rule would be destroyed by the Messiah. It also talks about the marriage of the lamb. The Principle explains this as the marriage of the restored Adam (Messiah) and Eve. This was the most important event in history and without it the world cannot be restored.

2) Story
The Bridegroom – True Parents were blessed on April 11th 1960 in the church in Seoul. First they had a Western ceremony, followed by a Korean ceremony. It represented the marriage of the restored Adam and Eve and the beginning of a purified world. After the Blessing, Father made the first Holy Salt, in order to purify all things.

Main points of the story
1. The blessing took place on April 11th (March 16th on the lunar calendar) only 16 days since the  engagement
2. It was to be a Korean and Western marriage ceremony together. Western first.
3. Everyone invited had to wear white gowns. The floor was covered in white sheets
4. This was the marriage of “the lamb” mentioned in the last book of the Bible – Revelation.
5. The bride and bridegroom began the ceremony by walking together, in a special way. They took  seven steps, which signified going through the Old Testament Age, They stopped and bowed.

Then they took seven more steps, signifying the New Testament Age. Again they stopped and bowed. Then the final seven steps were taken, signifying the Completed Testament Age. This brought them to the front of the room, and they bowed one last time.

 6. Mr. Eu and Mrs. Choi stood on either side as the couple said their vows before heaven. There was no minister standing before them to tell them what to say. Everything was directed from heaven. Father said the words and told his bride what to say. Then he prayed
7. The couple left the room and returned wearing Korean wedding clothes. They repeated the marriage vows and Father ended with a prayer again. 
8. Father spoke. He said through the marriage they had been purified before God, and this was the beginning of a new lineage. Everything they used should also be purified. To do this he created holy salt and gave it to the members
9. Then there was meal, followed by singing and dancing
10.Father gave momentoes from the ceremony to some members e.g. chicken bones, seeds.


3) Questions to Discuss
*The Blessing of True Parents in holy matrimony was the beginning of a purified world.
What does this mean?
They stood in the position of the restored Adam and Eve, the starting point of a new world.

* Why did the couple walk 7 steps, 3 times?
They represented the Old, New and Completed Testaments

* How do you think God felt when Father and Mother were married?
happy, excited, hopeful

* What was the purpose of Holy Salt that Father made?
To purify things, separate them from the satanic environment

* What kinds of momentos were the members given?
things from the meal such as chicken bones and seeds from fruit

* Why do you think these things were so precious? 
It was an historical occasion

* What does sanctify mean?
to make holy, to purify or free from sin


4) Activities
Colour the picture with typical colors of traditional wedding clothes
Answer the questions
Learn how to make and use Holy Salt.


5) Review the lesson aims
To understand the meaning of True Parents’ marriage
– It represented the marriage of the restored Adam and Eve and the beginning of a purified world.
To learn how to make and use holy salt
– Holy Salt can be multiplied from “seed” holy salt and is used to purify things we buy


6) End with a prayer


sixth gradeManish Saluja