Aim to learn how Joseph was chosen by God and how we are chosen by God

* to learn how Joseph was chosen by God and how we are chosen by God
* to learn how we can serve God

* Bible story about Joseph
* Coloured pictures of the story
* Worksheet

Lesson Outline
1. Review the story of Joseph
2. God chose Joseph
3. God chose us
4. What can we do to serve God?
5. Activities: worksheet, memory game
6. Review the aims
7. End with a prayer


1) Review the story of Joseph
* Review the story of Joseph to show how God protected and guided him through many dangerous and difficult events. Use the coloured pictures. Don’ t go into too much detail, otherwise the lesson will be too long. The purpose of the lesson is too learn how God was guiding Joseph, because he was a chosen person. If the children don’t know the story well enough, divide the lesson into two lessons

1. Joseph’s dream
2. Joseph is sold
3. Joseph and the Wicked Woman
4. Joseph in Prison
5. The King’s Dream
6. Joseph Rules in Egypt.
7. Joseph Revealed to His Brothers

2) God chose Joseph
a) He received the most love from his father
b) He received prophetic dreams that showed God would bless him.
c) God gave him the ability to interpret dreams. Joseph gave God the credit for this.
d) He kept the right attitude and trusted in God even though he suffered
e) God blessed him when he was unfairly treated

– He was thrown in a pit and sold as a slave, but became the head of Potiphar’s houshold 

– Put in prison unfairly because of Potiphar’s wife, but released when Pharaoh heard he could interpret dreams and Pharaoh made him governor of Egypt

f) Through Joseph Egypt could survive the famine
g)Through Joseph his whole family could be reunited. The jealousy his brothers had and the  mistreatment he received was restored
h)Through Joseph his whole family moved to Egypt, where they formed the 12 tribes of Israel
i) Joseph made a successful Foundation of Faith (obeyed and trusted God)
j) He made a successful Foundation of Substance (Cain & Abel united. Brothers overcame fallen nature, jealousy and bowed down to Joseph)

3) God chose us
* How are you and your family chosen by God?
a) We are the people who are doing God’s will, by serving and attending True Parents, while they are living on the earth.
b) Your parents were prepared by God to meet True Parents. They were chosen because of the merit of their ancestors and their faith in God.
c) Your parents received the Blessing directly from True Parents. God wants all people to receive The Blessing. Your parents are among the first people in history to be blessed.
d) You are Blessed children, born without original sin
e) God especially loves Blessed children. You are very precious to God. He is guiding and protecting you each day
f) Each person has certain gifts, which God wants us to use. What gifts has God given you? What are you really good at? (smart, sporty, artistic, sociable, friendly, ambitious, trustworthy, a good
listener, determined, patient, organized, service-minded, etc…)
g) God has plans for our lives. What do you think is God’s plan for your life ? Ask God and find out.

4) What can we do to serve God?
Help the children understand that God can use any person to do His work, regardless of that person’s situation. Joseph was thrown in a pit, became a slave and put in prison, but God worked through him to do many good things. Help the children think about different ways they can serve God. Gather a number of different items you can use to help the children think about ways they can serve God. Show the children one item at a time and ask them if the item shows them a way they can serve God. Examples include.

1. Telephone – Call a friend who was absent from school to see if they were o.k.
2. TP picture – Explain the picture to a friend when he visits your home.
3. Basketball – Be a good sport and an encouragement to everyone while playing a game.
4. Get well card – Send a get well card to a grandparent, friend or other relative.
5. Movie video – Watch movies that would not be displeasing to God.
6. Plate – Set the table for dinner or help with other chores around the house.
7. Candy Bar – Share with others.
8. Trash Can – Don’t be wasteful. Pick up litter.
9. Book – Study and learn to get a good education
10.Banana – Eat healthy and take care of yourself.


5) Activities
* Complete the worksheet
* Act one part of the story


6) Review the aims
To conclude ask each person what they could learn from today’s lesson. Refer to the lesson aims:
* to learn how Joseph was chosen by God and how we are chosen by God
* to learn how we can serve God


7) End with a Prayer