Moses Part-1

* Principle Level 4, ch.12 Moses, pages 206-212
* Översikt av Principerna, kapitel 12, s.215-223
* Large pictures of key figures in resoration history for display
* Children’s worksheet: Moses (1)

1)Review the Principles of Restoration
* Display the large pictures to review the main points of restoration
1) God’s purpose in history is to restore human beings to the original unfallen state so that we may fulfill the purpose of creation.

2) But fallen man is in the midway position between God and Satan.To cut off from Satan each person must restore himself to the level Adam and Eve had grown and then receive the Messiah, to
be fully restored.

3) In order to receive the Messiah we must first separate ourselves from Satan by making two indemnity conditions: the foundation and faith and substance, which reverse the mistakes of the Fall.

4) The foundation of faith is to restore Adam and Eve’s lack of faith in God’s word, by making a symbolic offering

5) The foundation of substance is to restore their failure to perfect their character and develop a Godly nature, by getting rid of fallen nature

6) The 1st attempt in Adam’s family failed because Cain killed Abel

7) The 2nd attempt in Noah’s family failed, becaues Ham didn’t unite with Noah

8) The 3rd attempt in Abraham’s family at first failed, because Abraham didn’t cut the birds in two.
But then Abraham offered his son, Isaac.This condition meant that Isaac became the new central figure and a foundation of faith was successfully made. The foundation of substance was then successfully made by Isaac’s two sons, Esau and Jacob.


2) Compare Jacob, Moses and Jesus
* Jacob showed the model course to gain the voluntary submission of Satan, when Esau submitted to him. Jacob’s course for subjugating Satan is the pattern that Moses followed on the national level and Jesus followed on the world level.

* Look at the first page of the worksheet. Read the text together. Write the missing words on the whiteboard. Children copy them onto their paper.