• Rocking chair Ö
  • Easel
  • Cd player
  • CD (burn a cd with good songs!)
  • Printed Curriculum in zip loc baggies, with picture book, materials…etc
  • Behavior Stop light? (thick cardboard circles- green, yellow, red… and clothes pines with names)


Teach Expected Behavior


  • Use same bell or song to signify start of lesson- all kids and teachers come over.
  • During lesson time- it’s time to listen to the teacher.
  • Criss cross apple sauce- “open, shut them, open shut them, give a little clap, open shut them, open shut them, fold them in your lap.”
  • “best listener” award each week? Sticker?


Unit 1- God Made the World for Us


October 7-  How All Things Began

October 14- God Made Day and Night

October 21- God Made Air

October 28- God Made Water


November 4-  Why God Made Flowers (skip God made seeds lesson)

November 11- God Made All Things for Us

November 18- God Gives Us Food

November 25- God Made Many Animals


December 2-  Animals Feel God’s Love

December 9-  God Made Colors

December 16- God Made the Seasons

December 23- God Gave me Jesus- Christmas Lesson

December 30- God’s Beautiful World- God’s Day Lesson


Unit 2- God Made Us


January 6- God Made Me

January 13- God Gave Us a Body

January 20- God Gave Us Feelings

January 27- My Five Senses


February 3- God Gave Us Eyes to See

February 10- God Gave Us a Heart to Love- Valentines Day Lesson

February 17- God Gave Us Ears to Hear

February 24- God Gave Us Hands to Feel


March 3- God Gave Us a Nose to Smell

March 10- God Gave Us Mouths to Taste

March 17- God Gave Us Teeth

March 24- God Gave Us a Mind, Heart, & Body

March 31- I’m Special


April 7- We are God’s Children


Unit 3- God Gave Us Families


April 14- My Family

April 21- Love my Family

April 28- Sylcester and the Magic Pebble


May 5- Mama, do you Love me?

May 12- I’m Coming Mommy! –Mothers Day lesson

May 19- Brave Irene

May 26- The Toy Brother


June 2- DoggerCaleb and Kate

June 9- We Learn Respect

June 16- Fathers Day Lesson