Nursery Lesson Guide

Nursery Lesson Guide


Entrance Song

Play song to signal “time for lesson!” kids w/teachers make a line & come over to lesson area & sit down. choose one:

  • When the Saints Come Marching In
  • Ants Go Marching
  • I’m In the Lord’s Army
  • All Aboard


Sing a Song/Dance Together many to choose from CD. If kids are settled down & quiet already- you can do the song at the end of the lesson instead.


Great Motion Songs:

  • Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
  • Father Abraham
  • Move the Circle


State Expected Behavior:

  • When you come to church nursery the program is: play time, story/lesson, play time. During story/lesson time- there are rules to follow.
  • Sitting criss-cross apple sauce
  • Hands in lap: “Open shut them, open shut them, give a little clap. Open shut them, open shut them, fold them in your lap!”
  • When teacher is talking- we listen.
  • Teacher will give out “Best Listener Award” at end of each lesson! What is a good listener? Criss cross, hands in lap, listening when teacher is talking, waiting for my turn.


Relaxing Kids: If kids are jittery here are a few ways to relax:

  • Get up & do a motion song to get the jitters out.
  • Freeze Dance
  • Simon Says Game for a while. Then at the end Simon says “sit down, criss cross- hands in lap”
  • Close eyes & take deep breaths 3 times.


Teach Lesson

  • Intro
  • Story time + Discussion
  • Song/Activity/Game
  • Prayer
  • Table Work: Coloring Sheets, Worksheets (it can be whole class or optional- kids working at tables- should help clean at the end. Kids not doing table work- should go back to play area.)