NURSERY CURRICULUM, Unit 2 - God Made Us & Unit 3- God Gave Us Families



We’ve completed the first Unit of our curriculum “God Made the World for Us!” Since autumn, we’ve learned about: Creation, Day & Night, Water, Air, Flowers, Food, Animals, Colors, Seasons, Thanksgiving, St. Nick, Jesus, Christmas, Foundation Day & True Parents. We also worked hard on our Christmas Performance song “We Wish You a Merry Christmas!” The Nursery includes singing in the main theater; the lesson: story time followed by crafts, music or games relating to the topic of the day and then playtime in the nursery. Our new lesson schedule is below:



Unit 2- God Made Us


March 3- God Made Me

March 10- God Gave Us a Body

March 17-  playtime only

March 24- God Gave Us Feelings

March 31- My Five Senses Easter


April  7-  God Gave Us Eyes to See

April 14- God Gave Us Ears to Hear

April 21- God Gave Us Mouths to Taste (& Teeth)

April 28- God Gave Us a Nose to Smell


May 5- God Gave Us Hands to Feel

May 12- God Gave Us a Heart to Love –Mothers Day

May 19- God Gave Us a Mind, Heart, & Body

May 26- I’m Special



Unit 3- God Gave Us Families


June 2- We are God’s Children

June 9- My Family~ God Loves my Family

June 16- Sylvester and the Magic Pebble- Talking with my Parents —Fathers Day      

June 23- Love my Family- Everyone is Important

June 30- I’m Coming Mommy! Learning to Obey


July 7- Mama, do you Love me? Parental Love

July 14- Brave Irene Children’s Love for Parents

July 21- The Toy Brother- Sibling Love

July 28- Dogger Caleb and Kate- Husband & Wife Love

August 4- We Learn Respect