If You Really Knew Me

  1. Prepare the activity with a talk focusing on these points:
    1. Value of being vulnerable in relationships
    2. Everyone has baggage, it doesn’t define you or make you a good/bad person
    3. You are not alone in what you are going through
    4. We want you to be seen for who you are and feel loved and accepted
    5. Feature a few testimonies from your staff that answer the prompt “if you really knew me” that cover a variety of challenges and set the mood for being vulnerable
  2. Split into small groups that know each other relatively well and would feel comfortable to share deeply with each other
    1. Have each person answer the prompt “if you really knew me…”
    2. After each person shares acknowledge their sharing in whatever way feels right (snaps, hugs, holding hands etc.)
    3. Have each group close their sharing in the way that feels right
    4. [It’s important to have your staff members well prepared for the mood of this activity and the type of information that may come out during these discussions]
  3. Have a wrap up/debrief sharing short message reiterating the value of our relationships and the potential that each one of us has despite our baggage.


Submitted by Sungil Fleischmann and the Bay Area Youth Ministry

Manish Saluja