Radar Activity

Use the space like a target to show that we’re all going through similar things

  1. Prepare a deep and vulnerable environment for this activity. You may want to feature testimonies about the value of being vulnerable in relationships.
  2. Place an object in the center of the room and have everyone gather in a large circle surrounding the object.
  3. Explain that you will be reading aloud prompts. Youth should situate themselves geographically to the object in the center based on how strongly they agree with the statement. For instance, “I know who God is.” If you feel you know who God is completely, you would stand right next to the object in the center. If you don’t feel like you know who God is you would stand very far away from the center object.
  4. A good length is about 30 prompts which would include 10 surface level prompts, 10 medium level prompts, and 10 deep level prompts.
  5. This activity is a good prep experience for sharing deeply in groups or dealing with some of the challenges in our lives.


Here are some example prompts:

Surface Level:

  • I was nervous about coming here today
  • I was excited about coming here today
  • There’s someone in this room that I care about


  • I feel like I can be my true self with this group
  • I compare myself to my others
  • I worry about what others think of me


  • I have questions about my faith
  • I’m not sure about my future career
  • I have a hard time opening up to my parents
    Submitted by the Bay Area, California Community
Manish Saluja