Prepare a long  list of well-known movies that your youth are familiar with. You can always search on google “movies from 2015” or something similar to make sure it’s movies your youth will know about.

  1. Split the group into two teams.
  2. Have one person from team 1 face their team and blindly pick one of the movies the other team prepared for them.
  3. Once they look at the paper, give them 5 seconds to give as many clues as possible to their team.
  4. Give their team 10 seconds to come up with the right movie (they can make as many guesses as they can in 10 seconds).
    1. The only rule is that they cannot say actors/characters names from the movie or any words in the title of the movie.
  5. Repeat the process with team 2.
  6. The team that is able to guess the most movies wins!
  7. [Optional: If the team members didn’t guess the movie, give the other team 5 seconds to steal the point!]

Variation from the Jimmy Fallon Show

Summer FunManish Saluja