This is a good icebreaker to enforce people interact with each other, no one can slide by! Very simple round game, demonstrate the handshakes below with suggested quota of people one must do them with (can be adjusted depending on size of ws)

Round 1 (5 people): start easy, double high five, spin around, double high again exclaiming “woohoo!”

Round 2 (7 people): “milk the cow” high five upwards then downwards, then one person links their fingers together excluding the thumbs and turns their palms outward the other person, grabs their exposed thumbs and pretends to “milk” a cow, both people exclaim “MOOOO”.

Round 3 (6 people): “eye see you” quickly double high five twice , then pull down on your cheeks twice to make your eyeballs exposed , then shake each other’s hands exclaiming “nice to meet you”

Round 4: popcorn (2 times group of 4)
Everyone crouches down and begins to “sizzle” ,as soon as you run out of your first initial breathe you ‘pop’ out by saying “pop!” And star jumping outward. 

Feel free to create your own.!!

Submitted by Maryjean Hunter and Cecile Caron from Maryland Youth Ministry