Newly Friend Game-

  • Write out 2 identical paper slips  with animals, tasks or songs. Everyone gets a paper and must keep it to themselves. When the game starts each person must act out their slip- until then can find their ‘twin’ . Once they find their twin they can sit down and introduce themselves.  * fun to get creative with the slips, ei jelly fish, evil scientist , potato.
  • After pairs have sat down with their new friend, inform them that they will be quizzed on how well they know each other and in the next 3 minutes they just get as much information as much to prepare for this quizzes.
  • When 3 minutes are up select 3 random pair to come to the front. Have one of the partners from each pair leave the room .
  • Have questions prepared which have absolutely nothing to do with what they talked about ; i.e if your partner were a Disney princess who would they be? What kind of dog would they be? If they were a movie genre? Come up with creative A,B,C, and D options. That have 1 or 2 adjectives tied to them,( A.cinderella; dreamy and forgetful)
  • Have them write their answer in big font on a paper .
  • Next bring the friends back into the room and have them answer the same question about themselves- going pair by pair seeing which pair are the true newly friends!

Submitted by Maryjean Hunter and Cecile Caron from Maryland Community