Corners of God’s Love

Materials A large sheet of paper with ‘GOD’S LOVE’ written in large letters on it, and a pair of scissors.

Object Lesson Show everyone the paper with GOD’S LOVE written on it. Explain that God’s love is something we can all have and we can also all give away. Point out that in this case God’s love has “4 corners” Ask, If I were to give you one of my corners of God’s Love how many would I have left? Some will surely answer 3. Then show them. Take the scissors and cut off one of the corners, and give it to someone. Count the corners now. “I gave one away, and now I’ve got FIVE!” Continue is this way, cutting off each of the four initial corners. Explain that you end up with MORE corners of God’s Love every time you give one away. Then ask who received one of the corners I gave away. “Are you sure I gave you one?” It became three when you cut it… so it keeps multiplying.

Application 1. In the same way, the more of God’s Love you give away, the bigger it gets…” PS: – keep on going and you get a circle – God’s love encircling us! Have staff share briefly about a time they experienced God’s love and then relate how we can experience God’s love through the people around us (Parents, family, friends, even strangers).

2. Break into small groups and discuss the small and sometimes seemingly insignificant ways your parents/friends/others portrayed love.

3. Focus on the idea that even little acts of kindness can spread God’s love, make cards/letters expressing love (can be light-hearted like “You make me smile”, just small notes to brighten people’s day) then give them to someone you love :)


By: Read more: Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

Contributed by Harumi Miyakawa, Chicago, Illinois Community