1. Get into small groups and give each group a discussion facilitator.
  2. In small groups ask everyone to write down 1-3 responses to the questions “Who is God?” They can be characteristics, persona’s or anything that comes to mind. Put those responses in some type of container.
  3. Have the facilitator pick out one of the papers and read it out loud, for instance “parent.” And ask the group, “Does any feel like God is a parent?” and have the youth raise their hands if they agree.
  4. Then ask those youth to share a brief explanation of why they feel God is a parent, such as “God created all of us, so he is our parent.”
  5. Continue the process until all of the papers have been read and share about.
  6. Feel free to expand on points if the group seems ready to discuss about God, but since this is an introductory topic don’t push them too hard.