1. Begin with an explanation that each one of us could always use extra spiritual support and prayers. Sometimes we are afraid to ask for help and so we don’t reach out. But we should remember that we are brothers and sisters and we want to support each other in all that we are doing.
  2. Ask each person to think about something they would like spiritual support and prayer in. Some examples are:
    • A relationship they are having a difficult time with
    • A project or direction they are pursuing
    • A big decision they need help making
    • Resentment or hurt feelings towards someone/something
  3. Have everyone anonymously write their prayer request on an index card. And place them in an envelope. Ask them to write a simple summary of what their prayer request is about.
  4. When you’ve collected all of the index cards, begin taping them on the wall.
  5. Ask everyone to take one request off of the wall and spend time praying for that person.
    • It would be a good idea to have the staff participate and pray for the requests that were not chosen.
  6. When the prayer time is finished. Ask everyone to write down what they feel God’s message is for that person and place them in the envelope. 
  7. Tape those envelopes on the wall again and let everyone soak in God’s loving message.

Optional: If your youth are comfortable with it, they can sign their name to their prayers. When the envelopes are re-posted on the wall you can have people write their names on it so it feels personalized. The messages from God should be anonymous however and should not be signed.