1. Gather everyone in a circle and have a staff member go in the middle of the circle to demonstrate the activity.
  2. The person in the middle of the circle should share some difficulty they are facing in their current life of faith: What makes it difficult for them to have a relationship with God?
  3. At the end of their brief sharing, the person in the center should then invite the members of the circle for their help and prayers.
  4. The circle members should gather tightly around the center person and place a hand on that person’s shoulder/back/head, etc. If they can’t physically touch that person, they should touch someone who is touching that person.
  5. Spend about 3 minutes in unison prayer (out loud) for this person and the difficulties they are overcoming.
  6. When the time is finished have the facilitator cue everyone by saying “Aju, Aju, Aju.”
  7. This should be done on a voluntary basis, since this activity is particularly vulnerable. Remember that people are participating just as much by praying for one another.

[This activity would be more effective by preparing the atmosphere before hand. Sing some deep songs together, listen to deep testimonies together, have a deep prayer etc.]