1. Offer a talk about the current situation of the world and how God feels about it. It would be a good idea to include some Hon Dok Hae reading from the Cheon Seong Gyeong: Book 1, Chapter 4: The God Who Needs Liberation.
  2. Give each of the youth a current event of the day. You can use sources like CNN and USA Today to find articles. These current events should be on the not-so-positive side for the sake of this exercise.
  3. Have the youth share in trinities or small groups:
    1. What is your current event about?
    2. What do you think/feel about it?
    3. How do you think God feels about it?
  4. Give time for the youth to pray in trinities or by themselves outloud. Encourage them to think from God’s perspective, and offer prayers of love, support, and encouragement for our Heavenly Parent.
  5. Debrief in small groups about what they are feeling and thinking.
  6. End the evening with a determination to help heal God’s heart and bring joy to Him/Her through our prayers and our life.