Touch Someone Who

  1. This activity needs a deep atmosphere to be effective. To create that energy you can sing some slow and deep holy songs together or have a sincere testimony from one of your staff members.
  2. Split your youth in two groups (you can do three if you have a lot of kids).
  3. Have the first group sit down and close their eyes in the center of the circle and have the other group stand in a circle around them.
  4. Read a series of statements aloud and ask the group members who are standing with their eyes open to touch the shoulders or backs of the people that they feel represent that statement. It’s important to encourage sincerity in this activity. Tell the youth that they should only touch someone if they really feel it.
    • You can optionally have staff members who are aware of which youth may not be as well known to your group and make sure that they are getting the attention they deserve.
    • You can also optionally play soft music in the background, some people prefer it with music, some without.
  5. After reading the statements for this round, switch groups and repeat the process.
    • You can choose to read the same statements for both groups, or use different statements for each group.

Here are some examples of statements you can use:


* Touch someone who you are proud of
* Touch someone who makes you laugh
* Touch someone who you respect
* Touch someone who you would like to support more
* Touch someone who you would like to keep in contact with
* Touch someone who you love to see smile
* Touch someone who should give themselves more credit
* Touch someone who is talented
* Touch someone whose quirks you love
* Touch someone who is a great friend
* Touch someone who helps you in times of need
* Touch someone who you look up to
* Touch someone whose company you appreciate
* Touch someone who you hope you know for the next ten years
* Touch someone who you can be yourself around
* Touch someone whose optimism inspires you
* Touch someone whose faith inspires you
* Touch someone who has a distinctive personality
* Touch someone who is dependable
* Touch someone who you don’t know well but want to get to know better
* Touch someone who you could cry with
* Touch someone who you could pray with
* Touch someone who makes you better a better person
* Touch someone who you think will make a good parent
* Touch someone who will do great things

Manish Saluja