Tunnel of Victory

This activity should follow some type of goal setting activity as it is meant to symbolically represent overcoming obstacles and being victorious in achieving your goal.

  1. Separate the group into brothers and sisters. They can be in the same room or go into separate rooms.
  2. A staff member should demonstrate the activity first to show the level of intention, along with practical safety points.
  3. The first volunteer chooses 3 people to represent obstacles and one person to represent their goal.
  4. The three obstacle people line up in plank position next to each other with about 1 foot of distance between them.
  5. The goal person stand at the end of the row.
  6. Before beginning, the volunteer should shout out their goal to the group, and everyone should cheer in response.
  7. The volunteer’s job is to crawl under the obstacle/plank people until they have reached the goal person.
  8. Once the volunteers head has passed obstacle person #1, the obstacle person should drop their entire weight to make it difficult for them to pass (they must wait until their head has passed for safety reasons).
  9. They continue this process with the other obstacles until the make it out of the tunnel victoriously.
  10. The volunteer, obstacle people and goal person should all embrace at the end.
  11. While the entire experience has happening everyone on the sidelines should be shouting and cheering them on.

Side points:

  • If someone is having difficulty completing the tunnel, help them by pushing the backs of their feet or holding back the obstacle people from being dragged.
  • People will often get dragged and that makes it nearly impossible, so have some staff ready to pull people back if needed.
Manish Saluja