What does expand mean?

  • Understand why we should reach out
  • Practice intentional and natural witnessing
  • Be an example of the Divine Principle in daily life
  • Grow your ability to love and let others into your heart

How can your staff help your youth expand?

  • Invite one of YOUR friends to church/youth group
  • Hang out with one of your youth and their friends on neutral turf
  • Challenge on of your youth to bring a friend to church/youth group
  • Publicly recognize efforts to expand by your youth

Clarification: Evangelism includes friends who aren’t in our church and friends we haven’t seen in a while!

Level 1: Why Reach Out?

Activities that focus on the attitude behind sharing the love

Level 2: Practicing the Skills

Activities that help us develop the skills to speak up

Level 3: Overcoming Obstacles

Activities that challenge us to overcome what’s holding us back

Relevant DP Life articles:

These questions pertain to all 3 articles:

  • What part of your faith do you find difficult to explain to others?
  • Which explanation did you like most?
  • What are you most proud of when it comes to our church traditions?

Level 4: Where Do I Start?

Activities focusing on challenging youth to take the next step in expansion